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Paul Morland has broadcast and podcast on demographic-related topics for outlets across the world and has contributed articles to many of the world's most well-known news resources.


Economic stagnation, mass migration, or having more children - this is the choice facing societies across the world. 

Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, April 2024

Forget Politics, Make Babies

 It Is Up To Us If We Want A Future For Our Countries.

Thinking Class, April 2024

The power of population

In this week’s episode, Tom and Helen chat to demographer Paul Morland about the geopolitics and economics of demography, and why population matters.

UnHerd, April 2024

Korea's Falling Birthrate

According to statistics released by Statistics Korea on February 28, 2024, South Korea witnessed a further decline in its already world-record low fertility rate in 2023.

February 2024

The ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM - a conversation with demographer Paul Morland

In our preoccupation with climate catastrophe, we forget to talk about another ticking time bomb: the demography of the UK, specifically, that we're a comparatively old country.

February 2024

The Narcissistic Death Cult of the Woke Left

Paul Morland was interviewed by Andrew Gold on the Heretics Podcast

February 2024

Immigrants Should Be "Encouraged To Integrate" Into British Culture

Leading demographer Paul Morland says immigrants should be "encouraged to integrate" into British culture, as reports say the population could reach 74m by 2036.

Paul Morland was interviewed by Julia Hartley-Brewer on Talk TV

January 2024

Migration nation

Paul Morland was interviewed by Nigel Farage on GB News

January 2024

ChinA'S population decline for second straight year

China's population has fallen for a second year in a row, raising concerns about the growth of the world's second-largest economy.

January 2024

World Business Report- China's population declines

China's population has fallen for a second year in a row, raising concerns about the growth of the world's second-largest economy.

January 2024

The Birth Rate Collapse - Paul Morland

Paul Morland was interviewed by Nick Dixon.

November 2023

The Consequences of Not Having Kids | Interview with Philip Pilkington & Dr Paul Morland

Connor interviews Philip Pilkington and Dr Paul Morland, authors of ARC's report, ‘Migration, Stagnation, or Procreation: Quantifying the Demographic Trilemma’, about Britain’s dire destiny to be majority first-generation immigrants unless birthrate decline is reversed.

Lotuseaters Dot Com, November 2023

Demography is Destiny: Birth Rates and the Survival of Liberal BritaiN

What is our demographic destiny? Procreate or Perish? On today's Deprogrammed, hosts Harrison Pitt and Evan Riggs are joined by renowned demographic expert Dr. Paul Morland of Birkbeck College at the University of London.

The New Culture Forum, November 2023

Procreate or Perish: The 'fertility time bomb' facing the West | Paul Morland

Paul Morland: We can participate in so many ways to assist families, as individuals, as citizens, as well as when we're at the right age, having our own.

GBNews, November 2023

Migration, Stagnation, or Procreation: Quantifying the Demographic Trilemma

This is a trilemma facing nations across the developed world where fertility rates have been falling steadily over the last 50 years. In most developed countries, rates are below the level needed for the population to replace itself.

Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, October 2023


Dr Paul Morland is a demographer and author of the forthcoming book - "Procreate or Perish". He's been speaking to Newshour's Tim Franks.

BBC Newshour, September 2023

Tomorrow's people- paul morland | Maiden mother matriarch 25

Paul Morland is an associate research fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London. He is a demographer and the author of his most recent book – Tomorrow’s People.

Maiden Mother Matriarch with Louise Perry, July 2023

population collapse is the greatest problem facing humanity, says demographer paul morland

NTD's Lee Hall sits down with demographer and author Paul Morland to discuss how the lack of births and deaths is changing the world we live in. 

British Thought Leaders, July 2023

Demographics of China:"Those born 20 or 30 years ago are contracting in number

CGTN Europe spoke to Dr Paul Morland, Demographic expert, and author.

CGTN Europe News July 2023

moral maze, the morality of borders

Live debate examining the moral issues behind one of the week's news stories.

BBC Radio 4 June 2023

UK birthrate has fallen by an 'EYE-WATERING' 12% over the past decade 

Demographer Dr Paul Morland speaks to GB News Reporter Olivia Utley about the impacts of the declining UK birthrate, which has fallen by 12 per cent over the past decade alone.

GB News May 2023

india overtakes china in POPULATION size

Dr Paul Morland interviewed by BBC News on India overtaking China's population size and what it means for the rest of the world.

BBC News Apri2023

Population decline, not climate change, is an existential threat to the West | Paul Morland

As new census data shows Britain’s demographics changing at historic rates, what does a future Britain look like? Is the world over or underpopulated? And how does fertility impact global power struggles? To answer these questions Steven Edginton is joined by the leading demographer Paul Morland. 

The Daily Telegraph, April 2023

EU has lost 5 million working-age people in 10 years

Leading demographer and broadcaster Dr. Paul Morland, who is also the author of ‘Tomorrow’s People', joins CGTN Europe to discuss Europe's changing population.

CGTN Europe, May 2023

Why Millennials Need to Have Kids!

Eliza chats to demographer Dr. Paul Morland about what Elon Musk has defined as a "bigger risk to civilisation than global warming", the demographic ticking time bomb. 

It's All Relative Podcast with Dr Eliza Filby, March 2023

How to Feed a Growing World: An Agenda for All

A speech given by Dr. Paul Morland, Associate Research Fellow, Birkbeck College, University of London

World Government Summit, 9 March 2023

People power: dealing with demography

Is demography destiny? Shifting patterns in population have marked history, drive political change and sharpen cultural divides. Host Adam Boulton is joined by Paul Morland, the UK’s leading demographer.

The Worldview Podcast, 7 March 2023


Dr Paul Morland interviewed by the BBC on China's falling population and what it means for the rest of the world.

BBC Worldwide News & BBC News 17 January, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Demography in Ten Graphs

In this talk Paul Morland explains the future of our world through demographic data points.

TEDx Vienna, 10 January 2023

Demography: A Window Into History

What drives fertility? What drives mortality? What drives migration? These are some of the questions that drive the field of demography.

The unSILOed Podcast, Episode 229, January 2023

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