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podcasts & broacasts archive 2019-2022

World population reaches 8 billion

The global population reached 8 billion on 15 November 2022 according to World Population Prospects 2022. Hear Dr Paul Morland's discuss this new milestone.

BBC Radio 4's 'World at One Podcast', November 2022

World population reaches 8 billion - Is it responsible to have loads of children?

Climate columnist Donnachadh McCarthy and demographer Paul Morland discuss whether it's irresponsible to have lots of children, as the world population reaches eight billion.

GB News, November 2022

Sense & Census - Dr Paul Morland & Rukmini S

Studying trends in the size, composition and characteristics of a country’s population can give fascinating clues about its social, political and economic future. This session explores population trends, such as births, deaths, migrations, levels of education and food production in different countries in order to see what might be in store for them – and the world.
Tata Literary Festival, November 2022

Dr Paul Morland - BBC Scotland: Who Lives in Scotland

Dr Paul Morland and Martin Geissler explores the impact of Scotland’s changing population.

BBC Scotland, October 2022

Dr Paul Morland - Demographics and the Fertility Crisis

Will Jarvis and Paul Morland discuss his new book Tomorrow's People. They discuss the decline in infant mortality, the lack of population growth in the developed world and what has caused it, urbanization, fertility, population decline in the West, and a whole lot more.

Narratives Podcast, August 2022

Author Dr Paul Morland believes we should tax childless people in society

Alan and Muireann are joined by Author Paul Morland who believes that childless members of society should be taxed more than those with children.

Ireland AM, July 2022

The Power of Demography To Understand our World

How the power of demography can help us understand the global shifts that are transforming our world.

Intelligence Squared, June 2022

Is it too late for 'natalism' in Europe?

Policy Exchange invites you to a panel discussion, 'Is it too late for ‘natalism’ in Europe?' Celebrating the launch of Tomorrow’s People: The Future of Humanity in Ten Numbers

Policy Exchange UK, May 2022

Mark Steyn interviews Paul Morland author of Tomorrow’s People: The Future of Humanity in Ten Numbers

"It's going to change economics, it's going to change global strategy, military power, culture, food. It will be a very different world."

GB News, April 2022

Living in a young country
Amol Rajan and guests discuss the ways in which rapidly growing young populations are reshaping some countries. Will this mean a demographic dividend or disaster?

BBC Radio 4's 'Rethink Population' Episode 3 of 5, January 2022

‘The UK no longer produces enough of it’s own people’

GB News Broadcaster, Colin Brazier speaks to Paul Morland, demographer and author, about claims that shortages are worsened by population problems.

GB News, October 2021

Populations and contested lands
Amol Rajan with the demographer Paul Morland, writer Julia Blackburn and historian Diarmaid Ferriter. Its' ageing and declining population heralds economic stagnation.

BBC Radio 4's 'Start the Week' Programme, February, 2019

Demographic Futures

Demographic projections are becoming increasingly central to both national and global politics, driving everything from social care policy to populism.

Policy Exchange UK, February 2019

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